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Who We Are


The NC Homeowners Alliance represents the interests of property owners in the General Assembly and raises awareness of issues and legislation that affect consumers' most important investment: their home.


The Alliance stands for common-sense measures that will improve the everyday life of all North Carolinians. In order to boost the North Carolina economy and defend the rights of its citizens, the General Assembly should support legislation that will protect the rights of property owners, encourage homeownership, and keep insurance rates fair and affordable.


If you’re interested in taking part in our grassroots efforts to protect the rights of property owners, join us through the link to the right of this message. We won’t spam you, and we’re committed to sending you information you’ll find relevant and interesting. We’ll keep you up to date on legislation that will affect your bottom line, such as new rules for insurance rates, your mortgage interest deduction, and local development initiatives. We’ll also let you know about opportunities to meet with legislators, take part in advocacy, and make your voice heard in the conversation surrounding your home and its costs.


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